Septic Tanks and Treatment Plants

The 2015 General Binding Rules state that anybody who owns a property with a Septic Tank that discharges to a watercourse must replace or upgrade the system by 1st Janaury 2020.

Drainage Repairs

DRAINAGE EMERGENCY? Septic tanks and drainage is not a glamourous subject is it? Yet when something goes wrong with your septic tank or your drainage system, it rapidly moves up your list of priorities. So if you're experiencing a problem and need urgent help, please dial 01889 597207 and we will arrange for a repair in double quick time.

Drain Jetting and Unblocking

Using a high pressure hose with a jetting nozzle, Drain Jetting is an extremely effective way to clear a drain blockage.  The ability to cover greater distances and negotiate bends whilst exerting greater force makes makes drain jetting a superior option than traditional drain rods.

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I Have a Non-Compliant Septic Tank, What do I do?

There are two options depending on your specific circumstances

1. We will modify your system to include a drainage field.

2. We will swap your septic tank for a sewage treatment plant or a biodigester.

With either option, you will then be fully compliant with the 2015 General Binding Rules, free from worry about potential sactions and in a position to sell your home should you wish. Please call 01889 597207 for an informal chat about your options.


Installation and Repairs

Whether you need an urgent repair or would like to install a brand new Septic Tank we offer a full range of services and accept Credit and Debit Card Payments.

Drain Pipes

Next Steps...

To request a quote or arrange a repair PLEASE CALL 01889 597207